Workplace Assessment

We visit the workplace to understand the current scenario and to identify whether the place is properly used with proper storage of materials. We do check if cleanliness is maintained and whether the workplace is safe to work.

Visiting the workplace help us to identify whether 5S Technique is really needed or not for the workplace.

Employee Assessment

We meet, talk and discuss with the employees from Managerial Level to Labour Level so that we understand the mind, emotions, behaviour and their feelings towards work as well as about the workplace.

Talking to the employees help us to analyse whether the employees are happy and satisfied or they are facing problems which has to be sorted out.

Management Assessment

We meet, talk and discuss with the Top Management / Management Representative to observe whether their Company’s Vision is coherent with the Systems and Procedures being followed in their workplace.

Discussing with the Management help us to realize how determined they are to maintain Systems and Discipline in their organisation.